So when do I get my vegan powers?

It all started with Netflix. My husband started watching documentaries obsessively, but one in particular caught his attention and he asked me to watch it as well. It was “Forks over Knives”.

This documentary basically discusses how dependent our society is on protein. We are all about protein! Protein is essential, but when you have too much health problems often arise. We put meat center stage in our meals while if you are going to eat it it needs to be more of a garnish.

There were individuals who were suffering from health issues as severe as cancer to as minor as fatigue and headaches who decided to remove meat and dairy from their diet. They wanted to take the more hollistic approach. These health concerns vanished and they thrived. It was revealed in many people’s stories and lives that removing processed foods and animal based products they could reverse their bad health. One woman was top ten in the Iron Man competition after removing meat and dairy from her diet.

It made complete sense to me! I often felt nauseous after having any kind of dairy (even “good” dairy from the farm) and sleepy and bloated after having meat. I always felt tired and had the desire to take a nap almost everyday. I had no interest in losing weight due to the fact I’m barely over 100 pounds, but I wanted to THRIVE! I wanted the energy. I knew it wasn’t the bread or grains I had been eating because I fasted from them for a month this past summer.

Do I think it’s wrong to eat meat or dairy? Absolutely not. I know God granted Noah/us permission to eat meat in Genesis 9:3. “Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.”. However according to scripture Adam and Eve did not eat meat before or after the fall. They lived a really long and laborious lives too. So I believe the meat and dairy is entirely unnecessary for my body. I do think there are healthier and more ideal selections/resources of meat and dairy than others but they are excess. They are pricey and not needed for me to live a healthy life.

There are several ways to get in even healthier fats and proteins that are vegan. There are avocados, almonds, chia seeds, flax, coconut oil, chickeas, beans, and many more! In fact pretty much all the true super foods are vegan.

And funny story I was watching “Mouse Hunt” and there’s a point where the mouse has to choose between the cheese or a bowl of cherries and he chooses the cherries. One of the brothers was astonished he did not go for the cheese, but the other brother states, “Ah, you see it’s morning and the mouse knows that the fruit will give him the energy he needs for the day and later in the day he will eat the cheese.” I know this is just a kid’s movie, but it did really strike me as true and it really seemed applicable.

Now there is a wrong way to eat vegan. I mean Oreos are vegan…can you believe that? If dairy is not in that creamy center than what is??? Good grief. Not to mention a lot of replacement products are filled with soy which is not good. So you have to plan.

I feel wonderful though. I’ve been on a vegan diet now for about 2 1/2 months. I’m not gonna lie though sometimes it’s incredibly hard. It’s hard to go to a bbq and see everyone enjoying the food there, but later when I’m eating my avocado dish and drinking my green juice instead I feel relieved. My body is grateful for it later even though my nose and taste buds earlier were not!

I’ve probably taken 2 naps and one was the day after a midnight movie premiere so that was expected. Although there isn’t really any point in going out to eat anymore (another good thing really!) when I do I really enjoy Zoes Kitchen. I love their Braised beans with rosemary and roasted vegetables on the side. The taste is simple and delicious and the portions are perfect for my size.

Here are some recipes I’ve used and loved when I get a craving!  I am not the creator or photographer of any of these recipes unless noted. I am just sharing their creativity and genius :)


Craving pizza– Roasted Vegetable hummus tart ( I used artichokes instead of eggplant)


Craving creamy pasta– Avocado pasta (I recommend not using parmesan, switch the olive oil to coconut oil, and using whole wheat pasta)


Craving cookies– energy bites (I use almonds instead of coconut and a dairy free, soy free chocolate chips)


Craving  Bean burritos– Lentil Wrap (This is a recipe by me)



shredded cabbage

cherry tomatoes (halved)


Artichokes (in jar)


Aside from the lentils and wrap take all ingredients and cook in some coconut oil. Cook until softened and wilted add with warm lentils to wrap. It’s delicious and even Ruthie loves it.

Craving something spicy- Roasted chickpeas


Oh and if you are craving chips I highly recommend making kale chips. Super tasty!

It’s been a fun, challenging, rewarding change in my life and I’m not looking back!

Happy eating!

A work in progress,


One thought on “So when do I get my vegan powers?

  1. If there is one thing I have definitely learned, it is that what you eat makes a huge difference in how you feel. I have been white sugar and white flour free for over and year now and not only did I lose weight, my entire body shape changed. I’m not obnoxious or really vocal about it and there are times when I do make exceptions, but those are rare. After watching me and noticing how much better I felt, Bill joined the bandwagon last July and hasn’t looked back although like me, he does make exceptions occasionally.

    I loved learning this story about you. It’s always nice to find another person concerned about healthy eating and willing to make the changes that work best for them.

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